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Meet JUMP. Electric-assist bikes that provide a boost up to 25km/h as you ride.

Reserve on Uber.                  

Go further, get there faster, and have more fun.

1€ to unlock, then just 0.15€ per minute.

Clock starts when you reserve a bike via the Uber app.

You can reserve a bike for up to 15 minutes while you walk to pick it up.

Place a bike on hold for up to an hour.

Charges apply during this time.



Parking zone

Ending your ride outside of the system area may result in an additional fee of up to €50.

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Find and reserve a bike nearby on Uber.


You’ll be able to find and reserve a bike using the Uber app.

You can ride JUMP bikes anywhere within the service zone indicated on the map above, which is also available in the app. When you’re finished riding, leave your bike parked within the same zone. Bikes parked outside of the zone are subject to an additional fee up to €25.

Park your bike out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles and make sure you follow the detailed parking guidelines below.

JUMP bikes parked outside of the service area indicated on the map above and in the Uber app will result in a €25 additional fee. Any bike parked more than 5km outside the service area will result in an increased fee of €50. Bikes parked in a No Parking Zone are also subject to a €25 additional fee.

No Parking Zones are generally parks and green areas such as Tempelhofer Feld and Tiergarten.

In an effort to comply with local regulations and permit requirements, we want to remind JUMP users in Berlin to respect the following parking guidelines:

  • JUMP bikes should not be locked at public bicycle parking facilities.
  • JUMP bikes should not be parked in parks and green areas.
  • JUMP bikes should not obstruct areas of crossing points (footpath extensions, central islands), access roads to properties for fire brigades, rescue services, police, areas for waste disposal vehicles/road cleaning/winter services.
  • JUMP bikes should not obstruct access to letterboxes, parking ticket machines, above-ground distribution boxes, bus stops, elevators and driveways.

As a registered user of JUMP you benefit from civil liability insurance (for liabilities to third parties) during the use of the Jump service during the coverage period:

The Civil Liability Insurance provides up to € 1,000,000 of cover for each accident.

Note: These insurance covers are subject to respective terms, conditions & exclusions that you can read here.